The Art Of Entrepreneurship With Arthur Becker

In a recent interview by US, Arthur Becker discussed his career and professional work. After selling Navisite, Mr. Becker decided he wanted to expand his interests in investing condo development. He wanted to expand his real estate interests in Miami and New York City. He was then exposed to companies specializes in bio tech. Arthur Becker became fascinated with the paradigms of bio tech and the opportunities it posed for individuals. Becker does not have a typical day. His days and weeks are flexible due to his business in real estate. In a report by The Real Deal, he is currently in the process of completion of townhouses in New York City. He is also building a residential condo in Tribeca.

Arthur Becker shares his advice about being an entrepreneur. He has found that his biggest challenge was to balance drive and passion. He has started many businesses that haven’t been so successful but he also started businesses that were quite successful. He learned that every failure taught him a lesson and he believes that look at the development of talent in management has been what the key in his success.

Arthur Becker is a successful businessman focused on real estate. Arthur Becker is also the Managing Member of a company called Madison Partners, LLC. This company is primarily an investment firm that focuses on Bio Tech and real estate. In 2012, Becker was the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Zinio, LLC.

Arthur Becker ended his career there in 2015. Zinio, LLC is considered the largest digital newsstand in the world. In addition to Zinio, LLC, Mr. Becker worked as the Chief Executive Officer of an internet technology company called Navisite. Navisite is a company that is quoted on NASDAQ. He was the Chief Executive Officer of Navisite for 8 years. Additionally, he worked for Vera Wang for 7 years.

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