EOS Takes Lip Balm Market by Storm Since 2010

EOS lip balm is changing the face of the lip care industry. IOS opened its doors even years ago and has taken the industry by storm since that date.

Historically, lip balm was sold in tubes. Products like Blistex, Burt’s Bees, and Chapstix have sold lip balm in the form for years. EOS sells organic lip balm in pastel-colored orbs, that have a soft texture.

IOS has also expanded the flavors available on Amazon in lip balm. The company has focused on innovative, tasty options that had not yet been seen in a lip balm product.

EOS has relied on a marketing strategy that focuses on millennials. As a result, EOS has utilized social media extensively when it comes to marketing and advertising its lip balm. This includes Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. The company has a huge number of followers in these social media venues.

Historically, lip balm was marketed as a unisex product. In reality, people of both sexes do use lip balm.

The design of EOS lip balm permits a user a pot-like look for the product, which market research said people tend to prefer. However, with its design, a person does not have to dip fingers into the product to use.

At the present time, EOS is considered to be a $250 million company. By 2020, industry analysts anticipate that the company will log $2 billion in annual sales. The increasing organic and natural products, like EOS lip balm, is considered the primary reason for this anticipated future growth.

The only company to beat EOS is Burt’s Bees. EOS sells more than industry icons Chapstix and Blistex, and achieved that accomplishment with in decade.

Product Links:

  1. http://www.ebay.com/bhp/eos-lip-balm
  2. https://skincare-au.com/collections/eos

Tim Armour Makes The Case For Active Funds

Warren Buffett has often said that passively managed funds are better than actively managed funds as they tend to have better returns. In an article that Tim Armour wrote for CNBC, he makes the case that this isn’t necessarily true. While Armour agrees that there are too many actively managed funds that are a disservice to their investors, he says that’s not always the case.

Tim Armour writes that active versus passive isn’t really the argument. Many mutual funds have poor returns due to excessive fees and trading. The key is to find actively managed funds that are low cost and keep trades to a minimum. Armour also says that the key to finding a good actively managed fund is finding those where the fund manager has a large part of his or her own money in it. He goes on to write that an overlooked problem with index funds is that they are completely exposed to market volatility and losses when the market inevitably have a downturn. He said that one of the best ways to grow your nest egg is to do better than others when the markets go down.

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Tim Armour is the CEO and Chairman of the investment firm Capital Group, as well as a financial advisor. He has spent his entire 34-year career in the financial industry at Capital Group, having first joined the company in its The Associates Program after he graduated from college. Armour earned his degree in economics at Middlebury College.

Tim Armour has written other articles where he makes the case that you don’t need to settle for average returns. His advice is to have an active manager who “earns their keep”. If your money is in an active fund that is trailing the index, Armour’s advice is to find another fund manager.

End Citizen United is leading the Fight against Electoral Corruption

End Citizens United is a donor-funded political movement that aims at reforming the America’s campaign finance system. The movement was launched on 1st March 2015. With a good grassroots backing, the movement is determined to frustrate billionaires’ efforts of buying elections by mounting pressure on lawmakers to take the necessary action. End Citizen United believes that by the Supreme Court passing the End Citizen rule, the amount of corruption in the electoral system would significantly increase.


The Leadership


The leadership team of End Citizen United includes the Executive Director Tiffany Muller, the Political Director Jody Murphy, the Finance Director Jordan Wood, the Operations Director Erin Fyffe, and the Operations Coordinator Rachel McGovern. The board members are Ron Barber, Christopher Massicotte, Lanae Erickson Hatalsky, and Jessica Vanden Berg.


Supporting the Democrats


In the approach to the recent U.S. elections, a new political movement was launched. The movement aimed at mobilizing campaign funds to the tune of tens of millions of dollars for Democratic candidates. The movement was dubbed End Citizens United. Ultimately, the group’s long-term objective was to petition for a constitutional amendment against the Citizen United decision made in 2010 by the Supreme Court that gave rise to super PACs. By August 2015, over 300,000 liberal supporters had signed the petition.


According to the movement’s communication director, Mr. Richard Carbo, End Citizen United would only finance campaigns for reformers – people who were ready to challenge the existing campaign finance laws. Most importantly, the candidates to be supported had to stand up against the Citizen United decision and all the other dark money avenues. End Citizens United would drum up support for their candidates through direct mailers, polling, and television ads.


An Uphill Task


The movement quest to amend the constitution, however, was an uphill task specifically because no constitutional amendment attempt has been successful in America since 1992. This comes as no surprise bearing in mind that the bar for any constitutional amendment in the U.S. is very high.


  • The amendment must be supported by not less than two-thirds of the house and the senate


  • Three-quarters of all the states must ratify the amendment.



Rick Hasen, a political science professor at Irvine School of Law, argued that as much as it would be hard for End Citizen United to achieve their constitutional amendment goal, the group would impart the much-needed political pressure on the Supreme Court, keeping the court in check.


Why End Citizens Won’t Fund Republicans


Despite the Republican congressmen and their supporters warming up towards the movement’s mission, End Citizens United would not support Republican candidates. This was explained on the group’s website noting that the Republican leadership in Congress was in support of the Supreme Court’s decision and, thus, the Republicans lawmakers would not be relied on to bring any campaign finance reform.