Kate Hudson And Performance Of Fabletics In the Fashion Industry

Succeeding in the fashion industry when Amazon is currently controlling 20% of the e-commerce is not an easy task. However, Kate Hudson has managed to go against the odds with her fashion brand known as Fabletics. She managed to convert Fabletics into a $250 million enterprise within three years. As part of the activator movement, Fabletics is using a subscription mechanic to sell its clothing to customers. The operation of the subscription mechanic is simple. Customers only need to like brands, which are aspirational. People are also pushed to have a little mix of membership and convenience.

Historically, high-valued brands have been defined by quality and prices. However, that is not the current trend. The combination does no longer guarantee competition. Brands such as Fabletics have taken over. Fabletics is considering factors such as customer experience, gamification elements, exclusive design, and last-mile service. These factors are crucial in determining what the modern consumer regard as a high-value product. Like Warby Parker and Apple, Fabletics’ business positioning and strategy are paying them off in the industry of fashion. In addition to its sixteen stores, which are located in California, Illinois, Hawaii, and Florida, Fablestics will be adding more new stores by the end of 2017.

According to the General Manager, Gregg Throgmartin, the membership model of Fabletics is what help it with the personalization of trending products and service. Personalization of services makes your consumers happy because you understand their needs. Fabletics also encourages the use of reverse showrooming model. It has converted offline browsing into a positive activity. This has enabled them to build a relationship that can be relied on while understanding the nature of the local market. With the implementation of the reverse showrooming approach, 50% of the individuals who normally walk through the door of the Fabletics’ stores are already members. Another twenty-five percent become members at the store.

About Kate Hudson

When Kate Hudson was approached by TechStyle Fashion Group for the start of an athleisure brand, she got heavily involved since day one. She represents what the founders of TechStyle Fashion Group were looking for. She is approachable and has an active lifestyle. Kate Hudson was hands-on with everything, including reviewing of the business budget and implementation of social media strategies. She even analyzes the weekly sales of the brands with the aim of knowing which clothes are preferred by consumers and which ones are not.

Kate Hudson prefers embracing authentic brands. This is one of the reasons she had a business longevity with Fabletics. It is the goal of TechStyle Fashion Group to put the best brand into the market. The fashion group even thrashed out the first brand that they introduced into the market because of poor quality. TechStyle Fashion Group even delay the launch of Fabletics for six months. The delay was worth it because the group achieved their objective of introducing a brand of high quality.

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