Academy of Art University

The 2017 Fashion Week Runway held by the Academy of Art University is a display of 10 recent graduates holding BFA and MFA Degrees in their inaugural show of their talents for careers sure to come. The 2017 presentation is put on by graduates whose origins range from United States all the way to communities in China. Each graduate has their own style and this is their chance share their voice so to speak with the fashion world.

It’s only 15 minutes long and presumably kick-starts a career. So technically, it’s the first time they are famous. The experience for both the artists producing their work and the members of the audience prove to be fascinating as there are celebrities such as Ms. Jay Alexander (America’s Next Top Model) in the room and life stories that are too cool to ignored. But really, this much raw energy is to be expected when an institutions such as the Academy of Arts does what they do so well from mission statement to the actual hands-on service provided.

The mission statement of the university is to prepare the minds of the aspiring professional artist through their graduate and undergraduate programs. *These feels they prepare Minds for our design communication and arts along with certification.* At the Pinnacle of this training is a portfolio for graduating students to enter into the working world. The methodologies the University uses to achieve this goal are inclusive administration, community focus and ethics in art to start with. On the tail end of this effort there is a focus on leadership, a real desire and commitment for the institution to be a citizen itself to the city of San Francisco, and student learning from working professionals in the field who know what graduates are to face upon their entering the real world.

The inspirations for the 2017 show range from personal experiences to trends that are often seen as staples in the design world and even a new spin on the concept of sustainability within fashion. Other sources of inspiration to be seen on the runway come from cultural pride, and they also include concepts such as a balance between nature and beauty. Some graduates are even moved enough to put the the emotions of recent tragedies in their life into the work they put on display for the show. Every year the show is different and leaves audiences wanting more for the next runway.

A NewsWatch TV Review Shares Why Working With Them Was Seamless

Tori Pugliese, a senior director of marketing for SteelSeries, started to work with NewsWatch TV in 2013 and was completely amazed at how the team understood exactly how PR worked. Tori explains that the NewsWatch team really knew how to convey the message that she would liked delivered to her audience, in a way that consumers could grasp it mentally in their own language. She recalls that the first time working with them was a “seamless process”, she would pitch her products and the team was on board and totally believed in what she was doing. Tori Pugliese loved how the collaboration was easy and the script they created together came out relevant and made sense, the quality of the promotional video was great, it had awesome distribution so much so that she could repurpose it to use on her company’s channel and social media page.


NewsWatch TV is an award-winning show with a platform based on entertainment, celebrity interviews, travel, health, technology, consumer news and general reviews. NewsWatch TV first aired as a monthly program in March during the 90’s, they initially only covered financial topics. As the station grew over the years, they switched to cover topics of a wide variety. The television show has won a Gold and Platinum Marcom Award in 2017.


NewsWatch TV Reviews currently airs a few times a month on the AMC network and weekly on the ION channel. They have featured over 10,000 original stories and segments with multiple topics ranging from legal issues, entertainment to medical breakthroughs. The show had over 650 celebrity guests that appeared to discuss recent issues that were plaguing the media and causes that were dear to them. Some of the celeb guests that appeared were Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, Denzel Washington, Colin Firth, Mila Kunis and Will Smith.

The Illustrious Career of Malcolm Casselle

Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) is a platform that allows people to run a virtual market with zero investments in payment processing, security, or infrastructure. WAX was developed by the owners of OPSkins, the most prominent marketplace for online video games assets. Wax allows tokenizing in-game assets. WAX is useful as it fractionalizes player earnings from centralized exchanges, minimizes the transaction costs, and it will enable transfer of assets through the creation of marketplaces for games.


WAX is programmed to help more than 400 million players who already buy, sell and collect online game assets. The players can be able to create a new economy, own virtual assets and in the long run be able to own these virtual holdings in their physical form. WAX has also introduced a simple exchange widget which exposes the gamers to a worldwide market that is safe and secure. Transactions must be verified before any completion.


Malcolm Casselle is the Chief Information Officer of OPSkins and also the president of WAX. He is a well-educated man who holds two Computer Science degrees from MIT and Stanford University. Casselle has worked in many companies over the years and has gained a vast wealth of experience. He speaks both Mandarin and Japanese. Before joining OPSkins, Casselle was both the President and Chief Technology Officer at Tribune Publishing where he mainly oversaw the leveraging of digital assets into growing properties. Previously he had a company called Timeline Labs which helped organizations measure, discover and display content based on social media signaling. The company was later acquired by Seachange Int’l.

Malcolm Casselle is also an investor. He is a shareholder at Zynga and Facebook. Casselle was also a co-founder of PCCW, a publicly traded telecom company which has its headquarters in Hong Kong. He helped the company raise billions of shillings in its public offering and millions for other private transactions. Through his help and contributions, PCCW is now estimated to be worth over $35 billion. He has helped startups in the digital world grow and achieve their objectives. Companies like Xfire and MediaPass are some of the companies he has helped develop to where they are today.