Omar Boraie Succeeds in Building a City Again

Omar Boraie is one of the most generous and selfless rich people I have ever read about. During a time when the rich elite, chief executive officers, corporate leaders, and internet giants are suppressing the common people, Omar Boraie is doing wonderful things for people who he owes nothing to.


Omar Boraie is passionate about New Brunswick, New Jersey, the city that he calls home. It has been his dream since he was a youth to revive this city so that it could become the metropolis he has always dreamed of.


Omar began by making New Brunswick more appealing to families. While he has implemented dozens of initiatives, one has become so popular that people talk about it year round. Several years ago, Omar Boraie began reaching out to the State Theater to begin a summer of movie nights for the community. According to New Jersey Stage, Boraie Development offered to bankroll the entire event so that seven different movies could be played for families. Over a two-month period, 7500 families were blessed with quality time together where they could show their love for one another.


According to Patch, Omar Boraie has dedicated over 40 years to growing New Brunswick, New Jersey into a thriving city. He had a threefold plan. First, make sure jobs remain in the area. Second, bring back the middle class professional. Lastly, increase the population.


Omar Boraie was able to secure keeping jobs in New Brunswick. His first goal was to keep Johnson and Johnson in the city. They were the big fish in town and employed tens of thousands of people. If Johnson & Johnson left New Brunswick, then the city would shrivel. Once Johnson and Johnson made the commitment to stay, Omar Boraie had no trouble convincing other corporations to set up factories in the city. Check out their website



Omar Boraie then focused on bringing the middle-class professional back to the city. In order to make this happen, he built class A office space that would appeal to people such as counselors, doctors, surgeons, and lawyers. He was able to entice them to New Brunswick by offering competing prices when compared to neighboring cities. You can visit Central Jersey Working Moms to see more.


Omar knew it was not enough to get them the work in New Brunswick; he also had a get them to live there. He accomplished this goal by building condo style real estate complexes complete with a dog walking Park, barbecues, and free exercise arena.



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How Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina is Innovating Video Marketing.

Running a business in 2018 means taking care of your online presence. Typically, the greatest way to reach out and make contact with potential customers is by way of the power of video. Bob Reina, the CEO, and founder of Talk Fusion has long been one of the most active video communications and marketing companies operating out of Florida. Over the past ten years, Talk Fusion has pushed to become well-known around the globe. Now, Talk Fusion is taking the next step by converting much of their technological products to the newest big thing in tech, WebRTC Technology. Talk Fusion is in the headlines right now with their release of the Live Meetings video application


Live Meetings was developed with WebRTC technology in order to make the video-streaming process easier than ever for customers and businesses alike. Live Meetings is a one-way video conferencing application that was built to create a lagless experience that translates across all major platforms and operating systems. Designed to be a ‘one click’ piece of technology, Live Meetings gives businesses the ability to stream video to up to 500 people at a time while rotating in and out up to twenty different hosts. This can be a particularly effective piece of software for businesses looking to get major outreach all at once.


Talk Fusion’s decision to turn to WebRTC technology is unquestionably a good one in today’s ever-evolving media climate. WebRTC tech makes it so that users don’t have to download any applications or plugins in order to operate the stream. The goal with the Live Meetings application was to create as frictionless an experience as possible for all parties involved and it is working.


Talk Fusion’s goal has always been to give customers the ability to boost their outreach, maximize their revenue, and improve their customer retention. Their Marketing SUite has become one of the most used products on the internet for video outreach and CEO Bob Reina is determined to continually improve the user experience. CEO Bob Reina has been a video innovator for a long time and we project future growth for his company with their new releases. Learn more: