Rocketship Education’s Computer-Based Programs

Technology is running society now days and it would be extremely hard trying to find an industry that doesn’t use some form of advanced technology. When it comes to education, computer-based programs are taking over the game because they provide the students with a more engaging environment for learning. Rocketship Education epitomizes this concept to the highest degree. Rocketship Education falls under Rocketship Public Schools, and it is a non-profit system of charter schools. Founded by Preston Smith and John Danner in 2006, this particular school was designed to provide optimum learning capabilities for children who reside in underprivileged communities.

Within this particular system, the students can learn at their own pace while being engaged in a fundamental learning experience. Rocketship Education uses a vast array of computer-based programs that are customized to the students who are using them. The programs aren’t too easy, and they aren’t too hard. This makes the teachers’ job more efficient because the programs will analyze and collect the data for them. Steady progression is the name of the game and the programs come with instructions for the teachers, which helps them to effectively use the programs in the classroom. This is definitely a win-win situation. Rocketship Education is based in San Jose, California, but it has now spread throughout the US. Nashville, Tennessee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Washington D.D., and the Bay Area of Northern California is where you’ll find the schools.

Whether it’s mathematics, or it’s reading, these computer-based programs are very comprehensive. Rocketship Education has been developed under three core pillars. This includes personalized learning, parent power and talent development. Every child deserves to have the option of going to college and Rocketship Education has definitely made this notion possible.

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