Herbalife24 drives athletes to the top of their game

Herbalife is a company known throughout the world as a top seller of nutrition supplements, weight management products, protein shakes, and natural body products. However, the company had very humble beginnings. Mark Hughes, the company’s founder, first began selling weight loss products out of the trunk of his car in the 1980s. He was inspired by his mother’s weight loss struggles, which included battles with eating disorders. Hughes believes that his mother’s premature death was partially due to her eating disorders and unhealthy eating habits. Hughes was determined to change the world’s nutritional habits. Since then, the company has gone from offering just protein shakes to a company that boasts net sales of over 214 million dollars. The company employs over 8000 people and also has over 2 million independent contractors who sell Herbalife products. The company currently operates in 95 countries, with headquarters in Los Angeles.

In addition to its popular weight loss shakes, the company began offering a skin care line in the 1990s. Since then, the company has expanded to include protein bars, teas, aloes, and supplements.

Herbalife recently launched Herbalife24, a line of seven products specifically designed for athletes. With a customizable product line, an athlete can select products that will help meet the needs of their various fitness goals, games, or workouts for any given day. Many top athletes have discovered the benefits of incorporating Herbalife products into their training. Soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo believes that proper nutrition is key in keeping him at the top of his game. Therefore, keeping his body properly fueled is a top priority. Ronaldo has partnered with Herbalife 24 to develop CR7 Drive, a sports drink designed to fuel workouts and improve hydration with maximum efficiency. He believes that proper nutrition before, after, and during a game is crucial to his performance as a soccer player.




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