Jason Hope Looks To Future With Biotech Investment

Jason Hope is a futurist and entrepreneur from Scottsdale, AZ. Hope was born and raised in Tempe, AZ before he went on to attend Arizona State University. Hope would get his MBA from the WP Carey School of Business and he’d take his education and jump right into the working world. Hope has long been touted as one of the more forward-thinking individuals in the tech field and he has worked hard in order to earn the title of ‘futurist’. With that being said, Hope is pushing his attention toward the biotechnology field in order to inspire others to do the same. Read more on http://jasonhope.com/

The SENS Research Foundation was founded in 2009 in a partnership between CEO Mike Kope and CSO Dr. Aubrey De Grey. Dr. De Grey and Mike Kope have been working hard to expand the operations of their non-profit foundation in order to find solutions to the degenerative process that is aging. While they aren’t explicitly targeting helping humans live forever, they are seeking ways that we can diminish the impact of age-related illness. Needless to say, this mission statement ended up resonating with Jason Hope and the Arizona-based entrepreneur made sure to get involved when he could.

After finding success in the tech sector, Jason Hope had the resources that he needed in order to try and contribute into topics that mattered a lot to him. this led Hope to start researching various industries and he eventually settled on the booming biotechnology field. Hope saw the impact that biotechnology could have in the future and he immediately reached out to the SENS Foundation. Once Jason Hope connected with Dr. Aubrey De Grey, their partnership was all but formed.

While the biotech field is incredibly important to the future of mankind, finding funding in order to properly address age-related illness is much more difficult. Hope knew that a donation to the facility could go a long way toward keeping the facility open and pushing forward and so he decided to make a $500,000 donation in support. The donation was announced at the Breakthrough Philanthropy Event which Hope himself attended.

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