The RealReal Showcases Their Fashion On Instagram

If you love gently used goods that just happen to also be from some of the most luxurious designers, then The RealReal has exactly what you want. Do not worry or question the authenticity of these items. This rapidly growing company has established itself as the authority on product authentication. The company was founded just a few years ago by Julie Wainwright. She has worked extremely hard to turn this company into one of the leading forces in the luxury resale market. It is no easy task to turn a home based company into a hundred million dollar brand that has undergone several rounds of funding from investors. But a quick look at the company’s Instagram reveals exactly why customers have chose to do business with this luxury reseller.

The average consumer of high end resell items has changed. This shopper is not always a woman. Sometimes this shopper is a man. Because of this The RealReal has launched a store in California that is dedicated to serving the finest menswear. Better yet, they have created a snekerdome for all the sneaker freaks. Their Instagram is just one of any places that showcases their theme and love for shoes. High heels and sneakers from many luxury designers can be paired with the company’s beautiful arrangement of Chanel purses.

Outfit inspiration can be taken straight from their social media. If you are seeking a comfortable outfit, select one of their Versace t shirts or denim pants. Silver and gold accessories can finish off your look. As the temperature begins to drop, do not forget to check out their selection of timeless coats. A pair of one of their sunglasses will shield your eyes from the forceful sunrays.

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