The Trabuco: A Revolutionary Global Weapon Of Warfare

The people of China invented a massive war machine, that resembles the catapult. The origins of this weapon dates back as far as 400 B.C, where this weapon was used to attack enemies during biological warfare in China. The machine was structured out of wood. It had 2 levers, one larger than the other. The smaller one was attached to strings and the larger lever held the stones. The weapon was referred to as the Balancing Trabuco and later took on different names and forms once it was introduced to other countries such as Europe, Norway and many others.

The Trabuco has been used to fight many wars. Italy, England and Nordic countries used this as their main weapon in battle. It was one of the best, deadliest and most efficient weapons for its time. It was a battle favorite because of its impact and ability to accurately hit targets.


Also referred to as the war machine or blunderbuss, the Trabuco was introduced to countries all around the world including the middle east and South American countries according to The earliest versions of the machine were only able to launch stones and objects that weighed up to 140 pounds. The latest versions were used all the way up until the middle ages and were able dispatch objects weighing up to 1500 kilograms. The weapon was designed to strike its victims with heavy objects at high velocities causing massive amounts of damage to the operator’s opponents.

The Trabuco require massive amounts of manpower. Soldiers would pull the smaller lever back to release stones and allow gravity to do the rest. Sources have reported that people would throw diseased bodies, human heads, prisoners and animals during the medieval times according to

The Trabuco become obsolete once cannons and gunpowder were invented. The ancient war machine couldn’t compete with the efficiency of weapons such as cannons. The war machine revolutionized warfare with its heavy impact, accuracy and speed.