Jeunesse Global: Cleaner, Brighter, and Softer Skin

Thousands of individual business entrepreneurs work for Jeunesse Global. This company’s cofounder, Randy Ray, has over 40 years in the designing and selling industry. Cofounder Wendy Lewis provides expertise in customer service and management. Jeunesse Global is a direct selling company, which provides anti-aging treatments and supplement.

One product they offer is Instantly Ageless. This cream helps diminish small lines and fine wrinkles, and it begins to take effect in about two minutes. The improvements can last for nine hours. Instantly Ageless comes in vials. It is classified as a micro cream. Micro creams improve elasticity and skin tone.

This cream, when used on wrinkles across the forehead, smoothes out some creases. When applied above and under the eyebrows, the delicate skin gets a natural boost. If used under the eyes and the crow’s feet area, Instantly Ageless helps reduce dark circles and laugh lines.

This popular cream is a best seller for. It has sold more than 50 million units worldwide. Dermatologist recommended and tested this product, and all the anti-aging topical treatments Jeunesse contractors sell.

Another popular product is the Luminesce anti-aging system. The system begins with a youth restoring wash and daily moisturizer. If you need to brighten your facial skin, Luminesce has developed a flawless skin brightener gel. This solution helps fade dark pigmentation. It also refines and improves the look of pores. The formula is moisturizing. It is not a harsh stripping solution.

If dry skin is a problem, Luminesce has that solved as well. The solution is the Hydrashield Mask, which was announced at the Jeunesse Global World Expo in 2017. At the Expo, the entrepreneurs learned of the benefits of this protective mask. The number one benefit was hydration that lasted 24 hours. This product helps your skin fight against smoke, smog and other environmental pollutants.

Jeunesse is always excited about showing new products to their business partners and helping them stay current with anti-aging news. They look forward to modern innovations and new breakthroughs in the coming years.