Academy of Art University

The 2017 Fashion Week Runway held by the Academy of Art University is a display of 10 recent graduates holding BFA and MFA Degrees in their inaugural show of their talents for careers sure to come. The 2017 presentation is put on by graduates whose origins range from United States all the way to communities in China. Each graduate has their own style and this is their chance share their voice so to speak with the fashion world.

It’s only 15 minutes long and presumably kick-starts a career. So technically, it’s the first time they are famous. The experience for both the artists producing their work and the members of the audience prove to be fascinating as there are celebrities such as Ms. Jay Alexander (America‚Äôs Next Top Model) in the room and life stories that are too cool to ignored. But really, this much raw energy is to be expected when an institutions such as the Academy of Arts does what they do so well from mission statement to the actual hands-on service provided.

The mission statement of the university is to prepare the minds of the aspiring professional artist through their graduate and undergraduate programs. *These feels they prepare Minds for our design communication and arts along with certification.* At the Pinnacle of this training is a portfolio for graduating students to enter into the working world. The methodologies the University uses to achieve this goal are inclusive administration, community focus and ethics in art to start with. On the tail end of this effort there is a focus on leadership, a real desire and commitment for the institution to be a citizen itself to the city of San Francisco, and student learning from working professionals in the field who know what graduates are to face upon their entering the real world.

The inspirations for the 2017 show range from personal experiences to trends that are often seen as staples in the design world and even a new spin on the concept of sustainability within fashion. Other sources of inspiration to be seen on the runway come from cultural pride, and they also include concepts such as a balance between nature and beauty. Some graduates are even moved enough to put the the emotions of recent tragedies in their life into the work they put on display for the show. Every year the show is different and leaves audiences wanting more for the next runway.