Who Needs Skies of Blue When There is GreenSky?


In 2006, Atlanta-based GreenSky was founded. As a financial technology company, it provides technology solutions to banks and merchants, which in turn make consumer loans for a variety of purposes. The company does not make loans using its own capital. Instead, this internet-based company affords consumer financing for such needs as home remodeling and medical, dental, and veterinary services through its partnership with contractors, banks, and financial institutions. The company has even dabbled in furniture financing, though this is a tough market with several well-known competitors. Through its internet app, GreenSky matches customers in need of these services with financial resources. Not just any consumer will qualify as they may with some fintech companies, as guidelines require upper end credit scores and leave riskier consumer financing to its competitors.


How does such a company fare? While not as well-known as some other financial lending companies, GreenSky is quite successful and stands to challenge similar companies. As it recently became publicly traded, this app-based fintech company saw greater initial stock sales than anticipated, an indicator that it just might fare better than its fellow publicly-traded internet-based competitors. Additionally, the company has experienced a promising increase in stock value.


Just last month, GreenSky entered into a partnership with American Express, a move that should prove beneficial to both parties. While it will benefit from the large customer and merchant base that American Express currently has on hand, American Express will also benefit from accessibility to a multitude of current GreenSky merchants. This partnership stands to boost the company’s potential through added reach to new merchants. In fact, a significant increase is already apparent. With the promise of increased merchant and customer access, its continued merchant vetting process, and its partnerships with well known financial institutions, this number three fintech company has nowhere to move but up.


Sahm Adrangi – Founder Of the Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC,

Sahm Adrangi is the founder of the Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC, a company that was launched in the year 2009 and specializes in long-term value investments and event-driven situations. The firm has special interests in stock markets and does intensive research about some misconceptions that have rocked stock exchange for the longest time.

Sahm Adrangi took center stage soon after launching his company and became a respected public figure in investment banking. One of his greatest achievements was unearthing fraudulent schemes by some Chinese companies. SEC used his research to prosecute a number of Chinese companies involved in the scam. He is also a frequent guest speaker in several banking and investment seminars and conferences. Such investor conferences include the Sohn Conference and Activist Investor Conference. Sahm Adrangi has been featured in the wall street journal and the New York Times severally.



Sahm Adrangi has also been instrumental in offering advisory opinions to creditors on how to do bankruptcy proceedings. This includes bank debt holders, committees and bondholders as well. He also has come to the rescue of bankrupt companies that are on the blink of sinking. Prior to founding his company, he was previously working with the Deutsche Bank where he was very integral in structuring high yield bonds and the chapter 11 exit financings.

Mr. Adrangi has a very impressive education background having pursued a bachelor of Arts in Economics from the Yale University. He has attended several other mini-courses in this field and continues to make strides in investment banking. Adrangi currently stands out as one of the most valuable assets of his company. Having stood by it in even the most turbulent financial times, he is sure that the company will thrive. Presently, he has over $300 milllion worth of assets under his management. This is quite a large portfolio for such a young company.