All about Dick Devos

Dick Devos is the CEO of The Windquest Group, a company based on Grand Rapids for a number of businesses which include The Stow Company, Boxed Water is Better and Coppercraft Distillery, and also a one-time president of Amway, a company involved in direct sales, founded by his father Rich Devos. He is the husband of Betsy Devos, the US Education Secretary, the eldest son of Rich Devos and a firmly embedded aviation geek as well as a pilot.


In 1991, at the time he was the CEO of his family’s Amway, an idea of building a sports arena at the northern downtown was brought to him publicly in Grand Rapids and he was totally not for the idea. He was worried that the construction of the sports arena would cause damage to the downtown Grand Rapids. He campaigned against the construction of a convection arena and a number of business leaders who were pushing for the construction of the arena, performance hall, Michigan State medical school in the university, Grand Rapids City Market and the arena, formed a Grand Action.


Devos and his wife Betsy have done a lot in reforming institutions and changing policies to suit the needs of the society and their unquestionable political influence has come in handy in changing state laws that affect labour and education. Devos pushed for the formation of the law that stated clearly that union membership was no longer a requirement during employment, which transformed Michigan form the origin of organized labour to a state where everyone has the right to work. His wife pushed for the expansion of publicly funded private institutions.


He has done various charitable actions especially due to motivation from his wife and they have together helped families from poor backgrounds in ensuring their children get the best and safe learning facilities by providing sponsorship opportunities for such children. The family report to have donated over 138 million dollars to arts and culture, health services, leadership programs and churches from 1989-2015. During the construction of a children’s hospital named after his mother Hellen Devos in the Spectrum Health System, Dick and his wife lead in the donations in 2006.


His journey has had its equal share of challenges. Sometimes back, Devos sponsored an amendment of the constitution to give room for tax-funded vouchers for students so that they could attend private institutions but the voters rejected it. A few years later he contested for the governor’s seat against Jennifer Granholm and he lost. These challenges have only made him stronger and wiser in everything he does.


Dick has been passionate about education which is among Devos’s largest initiatives. He founded the West Michigan Aviation Academy in 2010, a charter school at Grand Rapids International Airport, that helps get students ready for the aviation industry. He played a major role in the convincing Southwest to give routes out of the Grand Rapids Airport, with a group of other business leaders, leading to the transformation of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. He is a good person who is dedicated to seeing everything he touches prospers both in business and his community.


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Betsy DeVos and Violence at Schools

Betsy DeVos is the United States’ current Secretary of Education. She discussed the subject of free speech recently. Free speech and institutions of higher learning are a hot topic in the United States. DeVos believes that risks to the concept need to be discussed in a wide range of different ways. She was part of the Conservative Political Action conference. She answered many interview questions. She admitted that she has noticed a big spike in educational institution censorship. She said that the United States has been in the middle of a crisis of sorts. There have been an abundance of schools in the country that have essentially discouraged freedom of speech.


DeVos is a seasoned education aficionado. She at one point was a college student herself. She indicated that she viewed her school as a location that gave her the ability to try out brand new concepts in life. She indicated that she viewed it as a location that gave her the chance to ponder fresh and interesting approaches as well. DeVos believes that education at that level is something that should encourage newness and innovation. She added that the whole notion in the modern day, however, would be markedly stricter.


The United States’ Department of Justice recently has been tough on campus dilemmas that pertain to freedom of speech. This is thanks to Jeff Sessions’ efforts. He’s the Attorney General right now. DeVos made a point to avoid being detailed during this in-depth interview. She didn’t reveal her division’s actual preparations. Conservatives have good reason to be happy, though. They can definitely benefit from the presence of someone on their side. The conservative individuals who went to the yearly event probably were elated. Support isn’t easy to come across.


DeVos seemed to look on the bright side as well. She made a point to inform the students of one solid thing. She told them that free speech leads to strong results for all. She stated that strong concepts never fail in this world.


DeVos is collaborating with Democrats who are part of Congress at the moment. They’re all encouraging congressional heads to conduct hearings that relate to shootings in school environments. This was a reaction to the horrific Florida school massacre that just took place. 17 young students passed away during the horrid event. Many experienced significant injuries as well.


Parkland, Florida’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School experienced a shooting that shocked the nation and world. A young student who not long ago was expelled is thought to have been behind it.


People believe that this event is an important one. They think that it should pave the way for firearm limitations. They think that it should also pave the way for additional resources that can assist individuals who suffer from mental health conditions of all varieties. The gunman seemed to display actions that were concerning and alarming to other people who were around him. DeVos backs the concept of possibly focusing more on matters that relate to mental health.


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