PodcastOne’s Norman Pattiz Announces Results Of Podcast Advertising Study

The Executive Chairman of PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz recently announced the results of a podcast advertising study. The study was completed by Edison Research and looked at how effective podcast advertising was on consumers ability to recall a brand as well as its message, and also the effect on their intentions of buying the brand being advertised.

The study involved interviewing consumers before and after the ad campaign of five major national brands in order to measure the effectiveness of the ads.

Norman Pattiz said that there were a number of key findings. Among the largest, only 7% of listeners made mention of a particular grocery brand before the study while 60% mentioned it afterwards, greatly increasing brand awareness.

A car aftermarket product was viewed “very favorably” by only 18% before while 33% felt that way after the ad campaign for it had run on a podcast. For another car aftermarket product, awareness of the brand increased by 60% while a casual dining restaurant went up by 76%. This all shows that advertising on podcasts is very effective.

In addition to founding PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz is the founder of Westwood One. He founded Westwood One in the late 70’s and developed it into the largest provider of radio content in the United States.

In addition to talk, entertainment, news, and traffic, under Norman Pattiz’s leadership they also broadcast the largest sports events in the world such as both the Summer and Olympic games, Super Bowls, and March Madness. He has also launched other media companies such as Courtside Entertainment Group.

It was in 2013 that Norman Pattiz launched PodcastOne. The idea came to him after he met Kit Gray and found out he was a representative for people’s podcasts. The thought occurred to him that what Kit Gray was doing sounded very similar to what he had been doing at Westwood One, basically the internet version of it.

He started signing a lot of nationally known talent and over the last four years has built PodcastOne into the largest podcast provider in the industry. As he runs a lean company, he is involved in everything the company does whether its acquiring talent, marketing, selling ads, and everything in between.

One of his favorite things about the industry is that it’s very democratic. There are no gatekeepers standing in the way between people and the content they seek.

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