Dick And Betsy DeVos Love Their Hometown Of Grand Rapids

Both Dick and Betsy DeVos love their hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan. They have worked hard to help make it what it is today. Dick’s father is the founder of the successful Amway Corporation. Dick started from the bottom of his company and was quickly working his way up the corporate ladder towards CEO when something happened in his beloved city. Around the middle of 1991, DeVos heard rumors of a supposed plan for a new convention center to be built. It was going to be for sports and other events in the downtown area.


Not Happy About Proposed Convention Center


DeVos quickly picked up his phone and called other local businessmen in the area. All of these men were owners of other prestigious businesses in the downtown area. Once they heard about the plan, they joined Dick in lobbying against this idea. They were all worried that this new convention center would be bad for the city and have a negative effect on the businesses currently there. The group DeVos formed was called the Grand Action Group.


DeVos Helps Grow Michigan Charter School


Dick and Betsy have a love of education. Betsy DeVos is the current education secretary under President Trump. She has helped her husband create a successful charter school in Michigan. The school was built inside the old hangar at the airport. The school was founded in 2010 and named the West Michigan Aviation Academy. It is a unique type of charter high school that started small with only around 80 students.


The school now has grown to more than 600 students from more than seven counties around the state. There are kids who have to commute hours to get to this prestigious school. More students apply for entry into this school each year than there are spots available. Because of this, there is a public lottery held each year during spring to fill the open spots.


Dick Joins FAA’s Top Aviation Board


Dick’s love of aviation has no bounds. He is a longtime pilot and was just appointed to a civilian panel which helps the Federal Aviation Administration during quarterly meetings. The panel is made of 13 members and they help advise the administration on things such as long-range planning, spending, policies and regulatory matters. Each member of the board is to serve a three-year term and continue to retain all of their private and public sector positions during this time.


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George Soros: His History of Philanthropy in Social and Political Matters

About George Soros

George Soros is a Hungarian-American business magnate. He is one of the richest investors in the world. He is estimated to be worth $25.2 billion.

History and Philanthropy

Soros philanthropic work is outstanding. He has made remarkable contributions to education, humanitarian, and governance through the Open Society Foundations and Soros Fund Management.


In the 1970s, Soros started his focus in education in South Africa. He provided the funds for the black Africans at the University of Cape Town. He also played a pivotal role in the establishment of the Central European University in Budapest; he contributed $880 million to its endowment and served as its chairman until 2007.

Additionally, Soros has donated a lot of money to institutions in the former USSR. It is estimated that he has spent over $100 million in enhancing higher learning in the region.

Humanitarian Contributions

Soros has contributed to the improvement of the social welfare of individuals affected by war in different regions such as the former Yugoslavia. He has also championed against religious discrimination, international justice, security, and counterterrorism. This has been done through offering a total of $10 million to UNICEF and the International Crisis Group. His resolve to champion for human rights led to his recent contribution of $4 million to the Human Rights Institute of the University of Connecticut. Know more on businessinsider.com about George Soros.

Governance Involvement

Soros’ tremendous contribution to the growth of the worldwide democratic space cannot be overemphasized. He played a crucial role in easing the accessibility to information in Hungary; he distributed reading materials to universities, libraries, and social groups. He aimed at weakening authoritative leadership through the free flow of information. Additionally, Soros has supported political organizations such as the American Bridge and MoveOn.org

The Ferguson Protests

George Soros is at the center of the Ferguson Protests. According to interviews reviewed by The Washington Times, he donated approximately $33 million to support the civil activists, such as the Gamaliel Foundation, in Ferguson. He used his not-for-profit organization Open Society Foundation. The foundation propagated social justice among all the people. It worked with various organizations with a similar agenda. Its activities climaxed after Trayvon Martin was killed in Florida. The murder led to the development of the “Black Lives Matters” movement in the social media. The movement has been heavily funded by Soros.

Additionally, Soros donated $100000 to Ms. Tometi who led the Black Alliance for Just Immigration in 2011. His urge to ensure that all the individual are respected saw him spend a lot of resources to protest against unfair treatment of the minority. Read his profile at Forbes.

George’s Re-Emergence to Political Philanthropy

After a relatively long period of being away from political financial philanthropy, George Soros re-emerged as the major financier of the Democratic Party politics. An article published at the Politico indicated that he spent an estimated $25 million to finance the Hilary Clinton’s campaigns. He funded the Priorities USA Action, Immigrant Voters Win, and American Bridge 21st Century activities. He hoped to achieve maximum voter turnout to defeat Donald Trump.

Betsy DeVos Before Educational Choice

One of the biggest platforms that Secretary of Education Betsy Devos stands on is the ability for parents to choose where their children go to school – educational choice. But, what happened before Betsy DeVos had the opportunity to be a national influencer with educational choice? She was, of course, still focusing on educational choice and working to make it a reality.

As early as 1993, Betsy was pushing for educational choice to make things better for children who didn’t have a lot of opportunities when it came to private or better-than public education. She wanted to make children have the same type of opportunities as other people who wanted to be able to do more. She created opportunities for children who were poor or who came from poor backgrounds be able to have the same opportunities as those who came from families that had a lot of money for the children to be able to go to private schools. Check her website for more info at betsydevos.com.

She did all of these things through two major avenues. The first was to create a voucher program for children to be able to go to private schools. Parents who were unable to afford anything other than free public school would be able to get vouchers and use them to send their children to private schools where they would have the chance at the best education possible. It was a first for education and gave parents something that they could have control over when it came to their children’s educational opportunities.

The other way that Betsy DeVos was charitable and helped poor children was to create charter schools. These were similar to private schools but they are free like public school. There is no need for a voucher for these schools but they do have limited opportunities for children to be able to accepted into them. Betsy knew that this would be a great opportunity and children could enjoy the majority of the same benefits that private school offered. She didn’t want parents to have any type of financial burden from the schools though so she helped launch the free charter schools.

The way that DeVos was able to do all of this was through her foundation that she created. Her and her husband created the organization to help different charities and to help people have a chance at true educational choice. It was something that they were able to do through the foundation and with the help of their family members. Nearly 30 years later, Betsy, Dick and the rest of their family are still working to make sure that they are going to have educational opportunities for each of the children who are in poor economic circumstances with no previous choices.

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End Citizen United is leading the Fight against Electoral Corruption

End Citizens United is a donor-funded political movement that aims at reforming the America’s campaign finance system. The movement was launched on 1st March 2015. With a good grassroots backing, the movement is determined to frustrate billionaires’ efforts of buying elections by mounting pressure on lawmakers to take the necessary action. End Citizen United believes that by the Supreme Court passing the End Citizen rule, the amount of corruption in the electoral system would significantly increase.


The Leadership


The leadership team of End Citizen United includes the Executive Director Tiffany Muller, the Political Director Jody Murphy, the Finance Director Jordan Wood, the Operations Director Erin Fyffe, and the Operations Coordinator Rachel McGovern. The board members are Ron Barber, Christopher Massicotte, Lanae Erickson Hatalsky, and Jessica Vanden Berg.


Supporting the Democrats


In the approach to the recent U.S. elections, a new political movement was launched. The movement aimed at mobilizing campaign funds to the tune of tens of millions of dollars for Democratic candidates. The movement was dubbed End Citizens United. Ultimately, the group’s long-term objective was to petition for a constitutional amendment against the Citizen United decision made in 2010 by the Supreme Court that gave rise to super PACs. By August 2015, over 300,000 liberal supporters had signed the petition.


According to the movement’s communication director, Mr. Richard Carbo, End Citizen United would only finance campaigns for reformers – people who were ready to challenge the existing campaign finance laws. Most importantly, the candidates to be supported had to stand up against the Citizen United decision and all the other dark money avenues. End Citizens United would drum up support for their candidates through direct mailers, polling, and television ads.


An Uphill Task


The movement quest to amend the constitution, however, was an uphill task specifically because no constitutional amendment attempt has been successful in America since 1992. This comes as no surprise bearing in mind that the bar for any constitutional amendment in the U.S. is very high.


  • The amendment must be supported by not less than two-thirds of the house and the senate


  • Three-quarters of all the states must ratify the amendment.



Rick Hasen, a political science professor at Irvine School of Law, argued that as much as it would be hard for End Citizen United to achieve their constitutional amendment goal, the group would impart the much-needed political pressure on the Supreme Court, keeping the court in check.


Why End Citizens Won’t Fund Republicans


Despite the Republican congressmen and their supporters warming up towards the movement’s mission, End Citizens United would not support Republican candidates. This was explained on the group’s website noting that the Republican leadership in Congress was in support of the Supreme Court’s decision and, thus, the Republicans lawmakers would not be relied on to bring any campaign finance reform.