Securus Technologies – Significant Player in the Correctional Space of the United States

Securus Technologies is a leading inmate communications company that serves over 3,400 law enforcement and correctional agencies in North America. The products and services of the company reach out to more than 1.2 million inmates in the country. The company believes that technology has a pivotal role to play in the field of inmate communication and modernizing the incarceration experience. It is for this reason, the company recently announced that it is has invested over $600 million in recent years to improve technology and in research and development. It helps the company to come up with the innovative products and services, which helps the prisoners as well as the inmates.


Securus Technologies has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, and has over 1,000 employees working for the company. The workforce of the company continues to increase gradually as the firm’s grip in the field of inmate communication and correctional sphere continues to enhance. One of the reasons why Securus Technologies has been able to improve its stronghold in the highly competitive space of correctional services and inmate communications is its focus on customer service. The company also won the Golden Stevie Award for the best customer service training team, which shows the standards Securus Technologies like to maintain internally. The company won the Gold Stevie award for the best customer service beating over two thousand competitors from various sectors from across the globe.


In order to share the love and appreciation the company has been receiving from the customers, Securus Technologies recently shared a press release online where it showcased the parts of the letters written to the company by the law enforcement officials. In the press release, the comments by law enforcement officials clearly showcase how the technology offered by Securus Technologies is bringing a revolutionary change in how they perform and how easy it has become to catch hold of the culprit. The law enforcement agencies and its officials believe that Securus Technologies and its products and services have helped tremendously in keeping the environment safe inside the jail premises, and in the community as well.



The CEO of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith, also extended an open invitation to the existing and potential investors and customers of the company to visit and check out the technology center of the company situated in Dallas, Texas. Rick Smith is confident about Securus playing a significant role in the correctional space of the future and wants to share and showcase the development company has made by inviting the customers and investors at its technology center. I am working with the crime unit in Texas and have used the LBS and Investigation Pro services offered by Securus Technologies on many occasions, and found it highly useful in catching the offenders.




Wild Ark

Wild Ark provides travel opportunities to African countries such as Botswana and South Africa which are great travel destinations due to the rich diversity of animals and the conservation efforts made. For instance, it offers a 28-day course travel on foot in the wilderness. Such experiences allow tourists to love nature and to acquire bush skills. They also learn about wild animals, animal behavior and conservation efforts.Learn more :


Thailand is a great travel destination due to the vibrant culture and wildlife conservation vacations. The animal sanctuaries and game reserves are places that people find pleasing to visit and watch. Most people also like spending time at those locations so that they may connect with the beautiful nature. Elephant conservation in Thailand gives people the opportunity to learn about communal activities and traditions.


The company also organizes trips to Bristol Bay, Alaska. Alaskan wildernesses provide exciting fly-fishing experiences. The prices charged to visit such destinations are inclusive of fishing guides, accommodation, fishing equipment, and flights from the anchorage. Wild Ark provides visitors with tour guides who discuss with tourists about types of fishing and activities that can be carried out in such areas.Learn more :


Wild Ark is a company that was founded in 2016 by a group of individuals who were passionate about protecting natural resources for future generations. Sophie and Mark who were founders of the company together with their team were not pleased by risks facing the earth. They thus decided to work on strategies for making the world a better place. The company was established with a mission of conserving and protecting natural resources and connecting people with nature. The company aims to reduce the poor use of wild resources, to avoid pollution and destruction. Wild Ark aims to protect the world’s rich diversity by also carrying out research.Learn more :


The company uses a different approach to offer unique travel experiences that have been evaluated by the Wild Ark Team. Wild Ark guarantees clients with immersive small group travel experience into the wilderness. The company also offers practical courses for individuals who are willing to learn about natural resources. The knowledge passed to travelers enables them to appreciate the earth and to learn different ways of conserving it.


Nick Vertucci: The Comeback Man

Nick Vertucci at his core can best be described as a self-made man with a resounding ability to bounce back from the most austere situations imaginable. He never had that much going for him as a child. Nick Vertucci’s father died when he was just ten years old and his mother was forced to work extended hours. This left Mr. Vertucci in a disadvantaged advantaged position. Nick hit an all-time low at the age of 18 when he moved out and was forced to live out of his van. However, this did not break his entrepreneurial spirit on

During the dot-com boom, Nick Vertucci ran a highly successful computer parts store. During this period he married and had 3 daughters. Like all economic booms, the bubble had burst. Nick Vertucci found his finances rapidly dissolving during the dot-com bust in the 2000’s. He was back to square one until a friend convinced him to attend a real estate seminar.

Though he did not understand all of the information being provided to him, Nick felt that something “clicked” during this seminar and that he might have a found a way out the financial mess he was in. Nick’s next move was to begin applying and modifying the information he had gained during that seminar on

He was able to develop and fine-tune his real estate system. This tuning process went through a few more iterations before Nick developed a process that was simple, easy to follow and more importantly, repeatable. Nick also realized that there were many individuals that were highly motivated, but lacking the knowledge to profit off of their motivation and drive. This lead to Nick creating his academy at

Brad Reifler’s Unique Approach to the Financial World

Brad Reifler attended Bowdoin College from 1977-1981 studying Economics and Political Science before becoming an American entrepreneur. He has served on the Boards for companies such as Genesis Securities, Foresight Research Solutions, and European American Investment Bank.

He started his first business in the 1980’s when he created Reifler Trading Company which handled hundreds of millions in discretionary accounts, then grew into execution services, institutional research, global derivative advising, and information dissemination. Reifler Trading became one of the biggest independent futures operations, and then in 2000, Brad sold the company to the world’s biggest futures company, Refco, Inc.

Brad Reifler went on and founded in 1995, Pali Capital, a company which focused on equity markets. Reifler caught on to the growth in hedge funds by ascertaining different strategies, and did it by combining top research with derivative structures and credit analysis. He then would pass on his knowledge to sales traders who would then have the ability to package the strategy and perform well.

The company did so well in the 13 years that Brad Reifler was there, that it generated over $1 billion in commission income. Pali had over 300 people employed and offices in four continents. In November of 2008, Brad retired from the company and started a new venture.

In 2009, Brad Reifler started the group, Forefront Advisory, LLC and ForeFront Partners, again creating a unique product offering, which keeps Brad very busy as Founder and CEO. While under the Forefront dome, Reifler has worked hard to bring together some of the most greatly respected and powerful business leaders to Forefront’s platform, and after 30 years of combined experience on Wall Street, continues to do so.

Some of the people serving on the board are from Fortune 100 and 500 companies, one member being the winner of what would be the Nobel Prize of Economics, in China, and yet another holds three presidential appointments.

According to Barrons, Brad Reifler still serves on several advisory and corporate boards and formerly the Trustee of the Millbrook School and Chairman of the Finance Committee. Reifler also has numerous regulatory licenses which include Series 3, 7, 24, and 63. One thing that Brad Reifler does extremely well is having a unique perspective when it comes to the financial world and it has paid off.

Jim Tananbaum Introduces Molly He to Foresite Capital for A Better Health Care System

Foresite Capital recently announced its new development on an additional staff member. It is undisputed that for an organization to prosper in business, sometimes new blood with exceptional talent will serve a great purpose. The introduction of Dr. Molly He to Foresite Capital will be a great stride of success to the healthcare sector. She brings to Foresite Capital fifteen years of experience in the medical care industry.


According to INC42, the chief executive officer of Foresite Capital, Molly He’s experience will be useful in developing drugs for patients through his company. Dr. He brings to Foresite in –depth scientific research and results on genomics and drug development. Jim Tananbaum added that her excellence in leadership would be valuable to Foresite Capital because the company is looking forward to diversifying its operations and portfolios in transformational ways. She is an alumnus of Illumina. She was the scientist in charge of Illumina’s protein reagent innovation as well as improvements.


In an article on Biz Journals, before she joined Illumina, Molly was in charge of sciences at the Pacific Biosciences company. In this company, she was in charge of the reagent development in the department of single molecular sequencing chemistry. She spent her first ten years of career in the industry of pharmaceuticals. Her focus was based on the organic base and design of antibody. She worked on cancer-related drugs.

Jim’s Profile

Jim Tananbaum is a career executive and entrepreneur. He is the chief executive officer of Foresite Capital, a firm that is dedicated to building healthcare leaders by offering financial support. Before joining Foresite Capital, he was a founding partner at Prospect Ventures Partners. With Foresite Capital as his main success story, Jim has been the talk of the Midas list on Forbes. Three times in a row, he has made it through public recognition. Other investments that have contributed to this recognition are Amira Pharmaceuticals, Amerigroup, and Jazz Pharmaceuticals. At Foresite Capital, he has diversified the portfolio of the company to cover patients and physicians. Under his insight, Foresite Capital has partnered with organizations committed to making the health care sector a better service provider.

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PodcastOne’s Norman Pattiz Announces Results Of Podcast Advertising Study

The Executive Chairman of PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz recently announced the results of a podcast advertising study. The study was completed by Edison Research and looked at how effective podcast advertising was on consumers ability to recall a brand as well as its message, and also the effect on their intentions of buying the brand being advertised.

The study involved interviewing consumers before and after the ad campaign of five major national brands in order to measure the effectiveness of the ads.

Norman Pattiz said that there were a number of key findings. Among the largest, only 7% of listeners made mention of a particular grocery brand before the study while 60% mentioned it afterwards, greatly increasing brand awareness.

A car aftermarket product was viewed “very favorably” by only 18% before while 33% felt that way after the ad campaign for it had run on a podcast. For another car aftermarket product, awareness of the brand increased by 60% while a casual dining restaurant went up by 76%. This all shows that advertising on podcasts is very effective.

In addition to founding PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz is the founder of Westwood One. He founded Westwood One in the late 70’s and developed it into the largest provider of radio content in the United States.

In addition to talk, entertainment, news, and traffic, under Norman Pattiz’s leadership they also broadcast the largest sports events in the world such as both the Summer and Olympic games, Super Bowls, and March Madness. He has also launched other media companies such as Courtside Entertainment Group.

It was in 2013 that Norman Pattiz launched PodcastOne. The idea came to him after he met Kit Gray and found out he was a representative for people’s podcasts. The thought occurred to him that what Kit Gray was doing sounded very similar to what he had been doing at Westwood One, basically the internet version of it.

He started signing a lot of nationally known talent and over the last four years has built PodcastOne into the largest podcast provider in the industry. As he runs a lean company, he is involved in everything the company does whether its acquiring talent, marketing, selling ads, and everything in between.

One of his favorite things about the industry is that it’s very democratic. There are no gatekeepers standing in the way between people and the content they seek.

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Why Stem Cell Therapy Is the Best Alternative Treatment for Lung Diseases

Stem cell therapy for lungs has become a hot topic of discussion in recent years. With the ever-rising cases of disease-ridden patients, researchers have deemed it necessary to develop cutting-edge and innovative therapies aimed at providing long-lasting treatment to diseases such as pulmonary fibrosis, bronchiolitis obliterans, cystic fibrosis and much more. Apart from the conventional methods of treatment, lung transplants have become have become a viable and better alternative compared to counterpart therapies.

The primary focus area has been shifted to the following critical elements with the sole intention of eradicating various lung disorders:

  • Stem cell engineering: To obtain a better understanding of the effectiveness of lung-related clinical applications, researchers have above and beyond to generate IPS cells from fibroblasts tissues of infected patients. According to PR Web, such a study can differentiate specific pulmonary epithelial cells critical in promoting cell therapy.
  • Recellularization of decellularized lungs: Researchers have delved into studying lung Decellularization and Recellularization with the sole intention of supporting the production of patient-specific tested lungs. In basic terms, lung decellularization involves extracting all cells from a donor’s lung while just leaving enough that can be repopulated from the patient’s cells.

Based on successful results from animal subjects, researchers have shifted attention to recellularizing human lungs. Alternatively, adequate statistics shed light into matrix fragments to determine how retrieved cells can be differentiated into various types of lung cells.

For patients in need, stem cell therapy general commands a $10,000 cost tag per treatment. Quite expensive to the ordinary man, but adequate arrangements can be made to simplify the payment process with an eye on medical service delivery. According to Cedars-Sinai experts, in most cases, patients undergo more than one non-FDA approved treatments to conduct treatment efficiently. On the other hand, invalids can also receive high-quality health services at a reduced price range of $7000-$8000.

The Lung Institute in Brief

The Lung Institute is widely considered to be a premium provider of stem cell therapies for various lung diseases. With over a century worth of experience, in-house experts have become adept at providing unmatched services to their diverse range of clients. With a world-class facility at their disposal, such specialists have deployed cell transplants using cutting technology uniquely designed to deliver excellent results.

The prominent Institute operates from various locations such as Tampa, Nashville, Scottsdale, Dallas, and Pittsburgh.

Securus Technologies Moves On Its Path To Success

In case any jail or prison officials are asked about the first name that comes to their mind with regard to phone services for the inmates, they would say Securus Technologies.


This is because Securus Technologies understands its customers well. They are constantly asking for feedback from their customers and incorporating it in their products and services. In fact, I have been told that nearly every week, Securus Technologies is coming out with a new product, a new service or some kind of an innovative feature on its existing product.


Rather, Securus Technologies is the only company that is asking its existing customers as well as the prospective ones to visit their facility that is in Texas. It is an open invitation. They can visit any time. Basically, I understand very well what Securus Technologies is trying to do here. This is their way of informing the officials at the prison facilities about the products that are available for them to use. Besides, they would be explained how to use these products and services in the best possible way. Any features or special attributes will be well explained by the people here at Securus Technologies. In addition, they would be told how these attributes can help them in performing their functions well.


I do remember when some prison officials had called Securus Technologies to ask about their covert feature. At that time the authorities were busy in some investigation. They understood the usage of this feature and made use of it in their investigation too. This helped them to catch hold of the culprit and get a search warrant for the corrupt official. This also helped in apprehending the contraband. This way Securus Technologies is able to nab criminals and enhance safety. This way they are able to make the facility safe for the inmates.


Betsy DeVos Before Educational Choice

One of the biggest platforms that Secretary of Education Betsy Devos stands on is the ability for parents to choose where their children go to school – educational choice. But, what happened before Betsy DeVos had the opportunity to be a national influencer with educational choice? She was, of course, still focusing on educational choice and working to make it a reality.

As early as 1993, Betsy was pushing for educational choice to make things better for children who didn’t have a lot of opportunities when it came to private or better-than public education. She wanted to make children have the same type of opportunities as other people who wanted to be able to do more. She created opportunities for children who were poor or who came from poor backgrounds be able to have the same opportunities as those who came from families that had a lot of money for the children to be able to go to private schools. Check her website for more info at

She did all of these things through two major avenues. The first was to create a voucher program for children to be able to go to private schools. Parents who were unable to afford anything other than free public school would be able to get vouchers and use them to send their children to private schools where they would have the chance at the best education possible. It was a first for education and gave parents something that they could have control over when it came to their children’s educational opportunities.

The other way that Betsy DeVos was charitable and helped poor children was to create charter schools. These were similar to private schools but they are free like public school. There is no need for a voucher for these schools but they do have limited opportunities for children to be able to accepted into them. Betsy knew that this would be a great opportunity and children could enjoy the majority of the same benefits that private school offered. She didn’t want parents to have any type of financial burden from the schools though so she helped launch the free charter schools.

The way that DeVos was able to do all of this was through her foundation that she created. Her and her husband created the organization to help different charities and to help people have a chance at true educational choice. It was something that they were able to do through the foundation and with the help of their family members. Nearly 30 years later, Betsy, Dick and the rest of their family are still working to make sure that they are going to have educational opportunities for each of the children who are in poor economic circumstances with no previous choices.


Donald Trump Praises Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is a proud man. The Dubai-based businessman was one of the few individuals whose names were mentioned by Donald Trump during the New Year’s Eve celebrations hosted by the president. The business tycoon has been involved in several business deals with the Trumps. Over the years, the two families have established strong ties. For Trump, the DAMAC Properties’ owner is more than a business partner; he is a friend.

During the New Year’s Eve event, Hussain Sajwani was one of the 800 guests invited at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida. Trump used the event to celebrate both his election victory and the end of a very successful year for his businesses. One of the president’s investments is the Trump International Course Dubai.

The project, which was developed by DAMAC Properties has attracted many investors to the Middle East Country. It is estimated that Trump and Hussain Sajwani will make billions in profit from the sale of the luxurious apartments in the Property. Presently, the two businessmen have made at least two billion in sales.

Trump praised the business partner and personally welcomed his family to the event. He was happy to see Sajwani’s family enjoying the celebrations. Although the event was not streamed live, pictures from the event flocked different social media platforms soon after the event.

One of the people who provided the public with the amazing photos from the event was the son of Hussain Sajwani, Abbas.

The mention of Hussain Sajwani’s name during the event raised questions about Trump’s commitment to desist from conducting business deals during his term in office, as such would lead to conflict of interest. Trump announced that he would not engage in any business activities. He said that his children would manage the Trump Foundation. Read more: Hussain Ali Habib Sajwani | Bloomberg

These sentiments were echoed by the chief executive officer of DAMAC Properties. Hussain Sajwani said that he was looking forward to engage in different business dealings with the young Trumps.

Hussain Sajwani founded DAMAC Properties in 2002. Over the years, the corporation has focused on providing high net worth clients with highly designed luxury properties. All these properties have been developed in prime locations. DAMAC Properties ensures that clients get value for their money.

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