End Citizen United is leading the Fight against Electoral Corruption

End Citizens United is a donor-funded political movement that aims at reforming the America’s campaign finance system. The movement was launched on 1st March 2015. With a good grassroots backing, the movement is determined to frustrate billionaires’ efforts of buying elections by mounting pressure on lawmakers to take the necessary action. End Citizen United believes that by the Supreme Court passing the End Citizen rule, the amount of corruption in the electoral system would significantly increase.


The Leadership


The leadership team of End Citizen United includes the Executive Director Tiffany Muller, the Political Director Jody Murphy, the Finance Director Jordan Wood, the Operations Director Erin Fyffe, and the Operations Coordinator Rachel McGovern. The board members are Ron Barber, Christopher Massicotte, Lanae Erickson Hatalsky, and Jessica Vanden Berg.


Supporting the Democrats


In the approach to the recent U.S. elections, a new political movement was launched. The movement aimed at mobilizing campaign funds to the tune of tens of millions of dollars for Democratic candidates. The movement was dubbed End Citizens United. Ultimately, the group’s long-term objective was to petition for a constitutional amendment against the Citizen United decision made in 2010 by the Supreme Court that gave rise to super PACs. By August 2015, over 300,000 liberal supporters had signed the petition.


According to the movement’s communication director, Mr. Richard Carbo, End Citizen United would only finance campaigns for reformers – people who were ready to challenge the existing campaign finance laws. Most importantly, the candidates to be supported had to stand up against the Citizen United decision and all the other dark money avenues. End Citizens United would drum up support for their candidates through direct mailers, polling, and television ads.


An Uphill Task


The movement quest to amend the constitution, however, was an uphill task specifically because no constitutional amendment attempt has been successful in America since 1992. This comes as no surprise bearing in mind that the bar for any constitutional amendment in the U.S. is very high.


  • The amendment must be supported by not less than two-thirds of the house and the senate


  • Three-quarters of all the states must ratify the amendment.



Rick Hasen, a political science professor at Irvine School of Law, argued that as much as it would be hard for End Citizen United to achieve their constitutional amendment goal, the group would impart the much-needed political pressure on the Supreme Court, keeping the court in check.


Why End Citizens Won’t Fund Republicans


Despite the Republican congressmen and their supporters warming up towards the movement’s mission, End Citizens United would not support Republican candidates. This was explained on the group’s website noting that the Republican leadership in Congress was in support of the Supreme Court’s decision and, thus, the Republicans lawmakers would not be relied on to bring any campaign finance reform.


José Borghi is one of the most influential advertisers in Brazil

Jose Borgi is one of the most influential business entities in Brazil. According to him, his business was developed with the hope of becoming a better individual in this environment. For this reason, he worked extra hard to become the man he wanted to become in future. As a matter of fact, his career was determined when he was still in high school. During this time, his sister invited her to watch an advertisement exhibition at the company she was working. For this reason, Jose Borgi went off to attend the exhibition, when he looked at the marvelous things done in the arena, he knew what he wanted to do in life. For this reason, he worked hard to attain a certification to enable him to join the advertisement college in the country.

While in college, he purposed to learn all it takes to become a better advertiser. For this reason, the business grew to become better in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. His hard work resulted into his graduation with the highest honors in the industry. For this reason, business became better in a manner that cannot be paralleled in the industry. During that time, the advertisement arena was snot filled with many people. For this reason, business was running normally. He secured himself a job at a local advertisement company in the country. While he was working at the company, he felt a need to work for himself. He worked for over three years and saved enough money to commence his practice. During this time, he found out that the money he had was limited. However, he never gave up his long-term idea to become an icon in business. For this reason, he went on and became a better person in this field.

Jose Borgi started the Mollen Lowe Advertising Agency in Brazil. During the first years of the company’s operations, it developed its better business management capabilities. For this reason, they went and founded a company that could become a better capability in the industry. The Mollen Lowe Advertising Agency grew to become one of the most respected businesses in the country.


The Art Of Entrepreneurship With Arthur Becker

In a recent interview by US Magazine.com, Arthur Becker discussed his career and professional work. After selling Navisite, Mr. Becker decided he wanted to expand his interests in investing condo development. He wanted to expand his real estate interests in Miami and New York City. He was then exposed to companies specializes in bio tech. Arthur Becker became fascinated with the paradigms of bio tech and the opportunities it posed for individuals. Becker does not have a typical day. His days and weeks are flexible due to his business in real estate. In a report by The Real Deal, he is currently in the process of completion of townhouses in New York City. He is also building a residential condo in Tribeca.

Arthur Becker shares his advice about being an entrepreneur. He has found that his biggest challenge was to balance drive and passion. He has started many businesses that haven’t been so successful but he also started businesses that were quite successful. He learned that every failure taught him a lesson and he believes that look at the development of talent in management has been what the key in his success.

Arthur Becker is a successful businessman focused on real estate. Arthur Becker is also the Managing Member of a company called Madison Partners, LLC. This company is primarily an investment firm that focuses on Bio Tech and real estate. In 2012, Becker was the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Zinio, LLC.

Arthur Becker ended his career there in 2015. Zinio, LLC is considered the largest digital newsstand in the world. In addition to Zinio, LLC, Mr. Becker worked as the Chief Executive Officer of an internet technology company called Navisite. Navisite is a company that is quoted on NASDAQ. He was the Chief Executive Officer of Navisite for 8 years. Additionally, he worked for Vera Wang for 7 years.

For my son and his friends


When refinancing my house, I was able to slash my payments by a large amount considering my mortgage. Refinancing my home was a smart move financially. However, I have not been able to pass this savvy along to my son. In spite of my constant trying and nagging, he continually got himself into horrible financial situations that he was only able to solve with the type of lucky things that seem to happen to young adults when you are trying to teach them to be responsible. Once, he was behind in his notes by thousands of dollars. Without knowing the details, I simply refused to help him, but as luck would have it, he won a few thousand dollars on lottery scratch off ticket. This windfall gave him the audacity to trade that car in and get something everyone knew he could truly not afford.



When I asked him why he would take on a potentially lethal blow to his credit when he could not afford to pay the very large payments, he looked at me and directly said that if he got in trouble it would only be a matter of time before he won a few more thousand on lottery scratch off tickets. I was so absolutely astounded by his lack of personal responsibility that it was a few months before I could even muster the ability speak to him again. However, the occasion on which we spoke again was so he could explain how he could not pay his notes and that he was hiding the car so the company could not repossess it. So that my son was not arrested, I called the car company immediately to only find that his notes were not as far behind a he thought because his mother had paid some of his arrears in order to protect his credit rating.


With this information, I searched the Web to find him a refinancing company when I remembered the company that saved my sisters credit and car. The company was called Ignition Financial, and they allowed us to save our son’s only true possession, his okay credit score. Since then, he has made better decisions, but his friends, not so much. Just yesterday I heard him giving his friend the web address at http://www.ignitionfinancial.org/auto-loans. I hope his friend learns his lesson after Ignition Financial rescues him from a terrible financial future.

Why You Would Want To Refinance Your Auto Loan

There are several reasons to refinance an auto loan, all of which lead to a good financial benefit for the people with auto loans to pursue. It’s actually an easier process than most people imagine it is and can save someone hundreds of dollar a year in interest.

The main reason to look into refinancing a car loan is because your credit score has substantially improved since you took out the loan. with a better credit score, you can be approved for a better interest rate which can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars on your car loan. Another benefit is refinancing to a shorter term loan which offers even better interest rates and the ability to own your car outright after a shorter period of time. Another good reason to refinance is if interest rates have dropped since you purchased the vehicle as you may qualify for better interest rates even though you already own the car. Another option is if you want to extend the length of the loan in order to reduce your monthly car bill which will free up room in your budget for other expenditures or savings. It’s also possible to do a cash-out option where your car is worth more than what you owe, where the lender will pay off your old loan and give you cash for the amount above this that the car is worth.

One provider of car loan refinancing is Ignition Financial and their website slashmypayments.com. Slash My Payments offers users of the site te ability to drastically cut their monthly auto payments which free up money for other expenses or savings. The company, based in Texas, specializes in giving existing car owners an interest rate and payment schedule that fits with their lifestyle. Ignition Financial has won a lot of compliments from clients including how easy they are to work with and how much money they have saved over the original terms and interest rate that car buyers were offered when they purchased their vehicles. Ignition Financial has also been featured on many national radio shows such as The Blitz With Fred & AJ, The Russ Martin Show, The Jeff Ward Show, and The Horn on Austin’s #1 sports radio show on 104.9.


How To Hire The Best Event Planner For Your Next Event

Planning an event is an art that requires lots of patience, organization and prioritizing. That’s why so many people turn to a professional event planner when it’s time to throw an event. The right event planner will turn your ideas into a reality and ensure that your event runs smoothly and without any hiccups.


However, if you have never thrown an event before, it can be easy to get lost in the sea of local event planners competing for attention. That’s why we have made this short but crucial list of what to know before hiring an event planner for your next event.



  1. Decide What You Need from an Event Planner


Before searching for local event planners to hire, figure out exactly what you need from your planner first. No two event planners are the same. Some event planners specialize in day-of coordination while others can give you access to services like catering and decor.


That’s why it’s important to be honest with yourself and decide what it is that you will need your event planner to cover. If you want to go with an event planning company that can provide services as well, check out Twenty Three Layers in New York City. This event planning company will manage your event and handle all the small details. Plus, they provide every service you could possibly need whether it be catering, entertainment or floral arrangements.



  1. Ask Around


In addition to searching the internet for event planners in your area, visit local catering halls and ask around. This allows you to ask important questions to people who have recently worked with event planners in your area.



  1. Pick Three


After coming up with a small list of local event planners, narrow it down to three and interview them in person. Interviewing them in person will allow you to feel out their personalities so that you will know if you two mesh well together.





If you’re throwing an event in the near future, this list will ensure that you make the best decision when it comes to finding the right planner. Choosing an event planner doesn’t have to be a headache as long as you follow our easy guide.

Find them in NYC: 420 West 14th St., Ste. 2NE New York, NY 10014


Jeanmarie’s Business and Medical Expertise in the Development of Innovative Cancer Therapeutics



Jeanmarie is a Ph.D. and MBA holder with more than 20 years of professionalism in the medical and biotechnology industries. Her experience is a gain from working with various labels of companies in both the private and public sectors. Currently, Jeanmarie is specialized in ophthalmology and founded SKS Ocular to offer services in ophthalmic incubation. SKS Ocular provides services in dry AMD, ocular drug administration, glaucoma therapy, ocular inflammation and macular degeneration. Guenot has expertise in project management, venture capital, corporate and commercial growth, and business development which aid her in working for SKS Ocular as an operating officer.  Her scientific career began with her recruitment at Hoffman La-Roche as a principal researcher developing and treatment for metabolic illnesses, autoimmune ailments, inflammation, and oncology.


Jeanmarie is a leading participator in medicinal and physical chemistry. She has trained extensively to acquire skill sets useful in quantum mechanics, molecular dynamics with semi-empirical methodologies, protein structure prediction, drug designing, and NMR and X-Ray upgrading. Presently, Jeanmarie Guenot works for Amphivena Therapeutics as the president and chief executive officer. Amphivena incorporation develops progressive antibody therapeutics that are bifunctional, to treat hematologic illnesses. The firm is located in San Francisco, California and has developed cancer treatments such as AMV-564 and CD33/CD3 for leukemia treatment. In 2015, Jeanmarie Guenot stated that CD33/CD3 gained success as T-Cell redirecting bispecific with the direction of Roland B. Walter and John Dipersio. She added to say that Amphivena was set to choose a candidate for the drug’s clinical development and launch of a much better drug, the AMC-564.


In 2016,JeanMarie Guenot and her company Amphivena announced the acceptance of the IND application procedure to test the trial of AMV564 clinically. Guenot stated that the preclinical program demonstrated a remarkable cytotoxic process in AML candidates and animal samples. She revealed that in both cases, the results were both selective and potent, hence indicating a possibility for robust therapy responses. AMV564 is an antibody that uses T-Cells to eliminate cancer cells. Jeanmarie Guenot expressed the firm’s enthusiasm in ascertaining the drug as a trustable cancer therapy treatment.