All about Dick Devos

Dick Devos is the CEO of The Windquest Group, a company based on Grand Rapids for a number of businesses which include The Stow Company, Boxed Water is Better and Coppercraft Distillery, and also a one-time president of Amway, a company involved in direct sales, founded by his father Rich Devos. He is the husband of Betsy Devos, the US Education Secretary, the eldest son of Rich Devos and a firmly embedded aviation geek as well as a pilot.


In 1991, at the time he was the CEO of his family’s Amway, an idea of building a sports arena at the northern downtown was brought to him publicly in Grand Rapids and he was totally not for the idea. He was worried that the construction of the sports arena would cause damage to the downtown Grand Rapids. He campaigned against the construction of a convection arena and a number of business leaders who were pushing for the construction of the arena, performance hall, Michigan State medical school in the university, Grand Rapids City Market and the arena, formed a Grand Action.


Devos and his wife Betsy have done a lot in reforming institutions and changing policies to suit the needs of the society and their unquestionable political influence has come in handy in changing state laws that affect labour and education. Devos pushed for the formation of the law that stated clearly that union membership was no longer a requirement during employment, which transformed Michigan form the origin of organized labour to a state where everyone has the right to work. His wife pushed for the expansion of publicly funded private institutions.


He has done various charitable actions especially due to motivation from his wife and they have together helped families from poor backgrounds in ensuring their children get the best and safe learning facilities by providing sponsorship opportunities for such children. The family report to have donated over 138 million dollars to arts and culture, health services, leadership programs and churches from 1989-2015. During the construction of a children’s hospital named after his mother Hellen Devos in the Spectrum Health System, Dick and his wife lead in the donations in 2006.


His journey has had its equal share of challenges. Sometimes back, Devos sponsored an amendment of the constitution to give room for tax-funded vouchers for students so that they could attend private institutions but the voters rejected it. A few years later he contested for the governor’s seat against Jennifer Granholm and he lost. These challenges have only made him stronger and wiser in everything he does.


Dick has been passionate about education which is among Devos’s largest initiatives. He founded the West Michigan Aviation Academy in 2010, a charter school at Grand Rapids International Airport, that helps get students ready for the aviation industry. He played a major role in the convincing Southwest to give routes out of the Grand Rapids Airport, with a group of other business leaders, leading to the transformation of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. He is a good person who is dedicated to seeing everything he touches prospers both in business and his community.


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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Gives Other Opportunities To Bradesco Customers

For years, customers who used Bradesco bank had to rely on the same opportunities. The company knew what they were doing, but they wanted to give them something different. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi felt like he was the person who could change things.

He also felt there were opportunities he could use that would make the company better and that’s what he tried to do while he was helping the bank. Even though he first started out with Bradesco, he knew how to make it a better bank. He also knew things would change if he took things into his own hands and made the bank better. Bradesco became the second largest bank in Brazil.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi liked doing things differently. He liked making sure people saw him as a positive influence and that’s how he always put things into perspective for the company. By the time he looked at different options, he knew there were things that would continue getting better. He also knew the idea of helping people was something he could do differently if he had a chance to show others there were positive experiences people looked at. The way he did things was different from other people and it gave Luiz the ideas he needed to keep getting better.

Read more: Reforma da Previdência é essencial para melhora do crédito, diz Trabuco

While Luiz was growing at Bradesco bank, he was learning all the things that made him better at his job. He learned jobs besides his and tried focusing on different things that would help him see the positive experiences he could take advantage of. Luiz liked others to see what he was doing and always made sure he had a lot of visibility in the company according to For Luiz, this made sense and it made it easier for him to try things the right way.

By the time Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi took the position of CEO at Bradesco bank, he felt he knew a lot about the company. He was the most qualified person at the bank and felt good about the opportunities he had to keep showing people they had a chance at a positive banking experience. Even though Luiz tried giving other people the chance to do things right, he knew he was the best fit for the job. There wasn’t anyone else who knew more about the bank or about how to try and help other people with the issues they faced on their own.

Despite running into some issues in the banking world, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi felt like he had to try things that were better than other people realized. He also felt like he was doing the best job possible and things were getting better for Luiz. He knew the idea of helping was important and it was something he could do with the hard work he put into the business. It helped him see things were getting better and Bradesco was going to be the best thing anyone had ever experienced because of the way they did things on their own and the way they put more options into place.

Find more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi:,bradesco-anuncia-substituto-de-luiz-trabuco-na-presidencia-do-banco,70002178384

Shervin Pishevar Goes on “Bizarre” Tweet Storm

Shervin Pishevar, well-known as an early investor in Uber, recently went on a tweet storm that lasted a full 21 hours. Known as a man of many words, has remained quiet lately until his recent, and some say bizarre, tweet marathon. In December of last year, Shervin Pishevar announced he was resigning from Sherpa Capital.


When the markets suffered a sudden drop back in February, Pishevar tweeted out 50 points as to why he believes U.S. markets will drop 6,000 points over the course of the year. He also predicted that bitcoin will drop to between $2,000-$5,000. He also talked about SpaceX and immigration laws.

Shervin Pishevar started by tweeting that he would explain in detail why he expects markets to drop by 6,000 points. However, after the initial tweet, he started tweeting about how the death Silicon Valley is on the horizon. Afterward, he moved on to explain that his opponents are “out to get him,” and that he will not allow them to drag the success of Sherpa Capital through the mud. On the flip side, he did outline some predictions for the U.S. economy. Here are some of the quotes from Shervin Pishevar.


“The markets will see a ripple effect with strong volatility in bonds.”

“The bitcoin crash will continue.”

“The stranglehold California has on tech and innovation is at an end.”

“The U.S. is poised to lose China and other countries, specifically in infrastructure.”

“The biggest companies will continue to have the power as startups in the U.S. fall.”


He also believes that volatility indexes and managed funds are primed for failure. He also went on to explain how the U.S. economy and global economy are separate entities and how the U.S. economy’s “isolation” makes it impossible to sustain any upward trends. He also tweeted that Google, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft are now monopolies.

Seattle Genetics & Dr. Clay Siegall: The Ultimate Duo in Cancer Research

Cancer is one of the most deadly diseases in history. Millions of people have lost their lives fighting this illness, and many people have had their limbs amputated in the process. Cancer can manifest from just about any organ in the human body such as the lungs, the brain, the liver or the prostate. With newer and better treatment options available, the mortality rate has drastically decreased in recent years, but the fight is far from over. This is where Dr. Clay Siegall comes into the frame, and he has played a key role in eradicating cancer. Dr. Siegall has a broad educational-base thanks to his degrees in Zoology and in Genetics.

Dr. Siegall is the founder of Seattle Genetics, and he has built this company from the ground-up. Seattle Genetics has been around for 20 years, and it has grown in a substantial way. In the early days, the company was made-up of only a small crew of individuals, but as of today, the company has nearly 900 employees. Seattle Genetics generates large amounts of capital on an annual basis. As of today, the company has a market value of over $10 billion. That’s right! The company earns revenue through a variety of ways such as from production partnerships, from the selling of its very own proprietary drugs and from the licensing of its technologies. Dr. Siegall has even helped to bring in extra billions of dollars from private fundraising.

What more can you say about this phenomenal man? What more can you say about Seattle Genetics? This dynamic duo has certainly rewritten the books on how to effectively fight cancer, but the duo’s work isn’t completely done. As long as cancer is around, Dr. Clay Siegall will be on the frontline of this valiant battle.

An Innovative Upgrade, Talk Fusion’s App

Talk Fusion is a company committed to providing companies with video chatting aimed to make marketing more effective and personable. Talk Fusion was initiated in 2007 by founder and company executive officer, Bob Reina. Talk Fusion is currently accessible from 140 countries. Talk Fusion offers trials lasting 30 days in order for potential customers to evaluate the services offered.


Talk Fusions app offers unique features for their customers. An important and valuable feature is the ability to send video messages straight from Apple and Android devices. This functionality allows for proper management of services between companies and clients. The app is currently available on iTunes and Google Play platforms.


Talk Fusion allows for a more personable experience between users because of the ability to send video messages through email capabilities. A business that uses video messages is more likely to catch the attention of vendors, customers and team members. Talk Fusion says that this will result in higher rates of clickthroughs and participation.


Talk Fusion’s app is designed to send videos through the app directly. Users have the option to record their video on the app or choose from their previously recorded videos stored on their device. After the video is successfully uploaded, there are options to edit the template.


The Company Executive Officer says that the app can be used for platforms other than business. He says the unique feature is the ability for two different devices to hold video between one another. He says that calls are placed through a mutually shared link. Once there, friends can successfully link and connect with one another through their service.


The service allows users to customize meeting names and secure private sessions for chatting. After the sessions are created, they can be visited and viewed at any time. Talk Fusions allows for international calls on mobile/ desktop devices. An unlimited number of messages in enabled through their service as long adequate internet connection is available. Others can be invited to the private sessions through email or text communications.


There have been upgrades to the business features of the app such as picture messages, location-based chats depending on the country you are in, and the ability to invite many participants instantaneously. The viewing quality is said to be relevant to similar applications for the current time. Talk Fusion is striving to the future of communication for multiple purposes. Learn more:


Samuel Strauch Explains How His Business Grew To A Empire Of Wealth

     Who is Samuel Strauch? Samuel Strauch isn’t just a businessman, but a very successful one that people seek advice from. Samuel owns a very lucrative business call Metrik Real Estate. Metrik has grown to an empire of wealth through the last 15 years. How did he obtain such greatness? Samuel shares the secrets of his great success. Samuel went to 3 different colleges 2 here in New York, & Massachusetts and abroad in Holland.

From there he started working at a large company doing piddly little things like filing, reports, writing papers and organizing docs. He was completely bored because his creative mind was stifled. So he left there and started Metrik Real Estate business. Samuel Strauch says “I quickly learned not to do things that I disliked, but to be true to myself and pursue the things that make me happy.” Mr. Strauch’s philosophy is that success is built on a positive happy attitude. He believes happiness is the key ingredient to a positive reaction to any transaction in life and will produce wealth in any area. This philosophy has proven to produce greatness.

Samuel knows that positive happy employees thrive in their work performance and customers keep returning. Some Concepts he lives by are

  • Life is a lesson and whatever path we take is an essential part of our growth.
  • Always think win-win. That is a critical point with your team, partners, investors, and everybody you interact with.

His success doesn’t just stay at work but he loves to travel too. It’s there that his other two passions break forth. He has a deep passion for photography and fine art.

Samuel Strauch states “Metrik is more than a company, Metrik is a socially responsible business that is driven by a basic philosophy, happiness.”

Sheriff Arpaio is Too Corrupt to Have Power

The United States of America has always been open to progress and change. Now admittedly, some of the progress and change has come slowly, but it has come nonetheless.

The reason that change occurs in this country is because we have the ability to speak freely concerning the issues of our day. This form of activism has carried us far in a democracy and the moment we lose it is the moment we lose everything is great about this country.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are two of the main activists who are lobbying for immigration rights. It is their correct belief that there is a proper way to welcome immigrants into this country and help them acclimate accordingly.

They have over 9 million followers who read their Village Voice Media which often details what we must do as a country to make it more welcoming toward immigrants.

Throughout the publications, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have often reported on the criminal activity occurring in the Maricopa County by Sheriff Joseph Arpaio.

The nation knows that he takes a very tough stance when it comes to immigrants. However, this tough stance often leads over into brutality against our fellow man.

Michael and Larkin informed the nation of the time that Sheriff Joseph Arpaio took justice into his own hands and punished a family for doing no wrong.

He was investigating a home that he believed may have been a transitional point for a drug cartel. After the police and the drug dogs failed to discover illegal substances, Sheriff Joseph Arpaio still believe they must be there.

He took a sledgehammer and broke down the walls to find anything he could. During this endeavor, he accidentally hit the electrical wiring which ended up catching the house on fire. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Facebook

Sheriff Joseph Arpaio had been a tyrannical ruler for far too long and got to the point that he believed he could get away with anything, including arresting people as if he was part of some fascist government.

Going in the cover of darkness so that nobody would see, Sheriff Joseph Arpaio brought some of his most loyal men to illegally handcuff these two men.

Michael  and Jim were victims of an ever-growing problem where the government no longer respects our right to the freedom of speech.

When the nation heard that their constitutional right had been violated by the government itself the outcry was so powerful the Sheriff Joseph Arpaio was forced to release these men.

Powerful nonprofit groups would ally with Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin in order to help them seek justice. They were awarded a settlement that totaled over $3 million.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin would go on to publish the Front Page Confidential and start the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. By utilizing these two things, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are preparing the current generation to fight for the freedom of speech and proper rights for immigrants who call this country home.

Scott Rocklage Fights for Medical Changes

Scott Rocklage is a successful business leader who wants to make changes to the medical industry. Over the past few years, costs in the medical sector have increased substantially. Many people struggle to afford necessary medical procedures. People like Scott Rocklage believe that many of the issues in the industry can get resolved quickly.


Scott Rocklage grew up in Boston. He was born into a family where education was emphasized. He knew that he needed to attend college to open up various career opportunities for the future. After years of working through medical school, he finally became a doctor. He practices in the Boston area.



5AM Ventures


Scott Rocklage is the CEO of a company called 5AM Ventures. He loves managing his own company and interacting with clients. Anyone who needs business advice should consider working with his business coaches.


Scott Rocklage is also the type of person who is continually trying new ideas. He wants to increase both sales and profits at his company. He plans to offer new products and services in the years ahead to improve his business.



Health Changes


With his experience in the healthcare field, Scott Rocklage has plenty of ideas to help companies improve their processes. He firmly believes that companies can make a positive impact in the lives of customers through their services. At 5AM Ventures, he is working with multiple health companies. Anyone who needs advice about health or business should consider working with Scott Rocklage and 5AM Ventures. The future is bright for his business.


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Bruno Fagali – Bringing the News About Fake News to Brazil

     An interesting article written by Bruno Fagali and Lucas Pedroso and published on April 3, 2018, tells the story of how Brazilians are fighting the worldwide problem of fake news in their country. So, what’s so new about fake news? Well, according to Fagali and Pedroso, it’s now become an even bigger problem with the newest threat being what they call “deepfakes”.

What Are Deepfakes?

In case you’re not familiar with this terminology, deepfakes are videos that feature amazingly realistic face-swaps. New and innovative computer programs discover some commonality between the two faces of public personalities and then stitch one face over the other face. In some cases, the source footage is so good that the transformation is barely noticeable, if at all.

Fake News & the Electoral Process

For quite a while now, we’ve been hearing all about how fake news can have an influence on the electoral process worldwide. And, never was it more publicized than during the last presidential election right here in the U.S. Now, it’s Brazil’s election year, so Brazilians are starting to pay more attention to the problem. They’ve started to discuss and coordinate with specialists with their combined goal being to create tools that might at least serve to mitigate the negative effects of fake news on the Brazilian electoral process.

The Rise of Fake News

According to a recent report, the Brazilian elections have been severely influenced by some form of fake news since 2010, or perhaps even longer than that. OK, it’s not like creating and disseminating fake news isn’t older even than elections themselves but, for more than the past eight years, it has become a more financially rewarding and highly publicized practice. Why? Well, because certain social networks and even some websites have been created for just one thing and that’s getting fake news in front of the public.

Who is Bruno Fagali?

He’s not just the co-writer of the article about fake news, among many others, but also a Fagali Law Firm founding partner. He earned his Master in Law at the State by USP and his Specialist in Administrative Law from FGV-Gvlaw and PUC/SP- He’s also been responsible for implementing Brazil’s Corporate Integrity Program and has been in charge of the Corporate Integrity Management team for two years now.

Learning About the Sandwich Generation

The Sandwich Generation may sound like a delicious food restaurant for lunch, but the reality is that this is actually not a place that most people want to be. Research from the polling firm Pew Research suggests that one in seven Americans fit into the category of the Sandwich Generation. It is a term used to describe a person between their late 30s and mid-50s who is providing financial assistance to both their parents and their children at the same time. It is a tough financial predicament that a lot of people find themselves in.


Causes of the Problem

Part of the reason for the rise of the Sandwich Generation has to do with the factors related to our economy. People are living longer than they ever did in the past, requiring significant spending on their health care as they age. At the same time, college tuition and housing costs are increasing, leading students to make sizable investments in their education before they begin their careers. Both seniors and students may rely on the Sandwich Generation for financial support during these times.


How to Prepare for This Situation


A lot of people want to protect themselves against the possibility of financial struggles as part of the Sandwich Generation. HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm to which these people need to turn to.


The purpose of HCR Wealth Advisors is to develop strategies to help clients reach their financial goals. The firm’s advisors collectively have been helping clients with their investments for L for more than one-hundred years, establishing client trust and services through experience.


You could  guideyourself through the struggles of the Sandwich Generation, or you could take steps to prepare ahead of time. The choice is up to you of course, but most people would rather have a plan  to handle the obstacles.

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