All about the musical exploits being made by Alex Pall of the Chainsmokers

Four years ago, the Chainsmokers broke the musical glass ceiling when they released their single ‘selfie’. The song became an overnight hit and was top twenty in a number of countries. The band has gone ahead to release other equally captivating singles and is currently a household name among people who love pop and electronic music. The band, which came together in 2012, is composed of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. Their recently released album, closer is a bit different from what their fans have become accustomed to because for the first time, the duo is using their own vocals. Here is what Alex had to say about their journey and success up to this point.

When asked where his musical journey with Andrew started, Alex explains that he has been a DJ his entire life. He liked his job as a DJ, but he eventually realised that dance music was his passion, and he wanted to give a real shot to a musical career. He adds that it was his manager who introduced him to Drew and with time, they started working together and have been at it ever since. It is impossible to miss the great chemistry that these two artistes have together. Allan states that this is what helps them achieve their current level of success.

On the other hand, Andrew states that he started getting interested in electronic pop when he was in college. He adds that when he was interning at Interscope, he was told that there was a band called Chainsmokers and one member was leaving. He decided to give it a shot, and the moment he met Alex, he realized they were a perfect musical match. It took a lot of hard work when they were still building their identity, but they eventually made it to where they are.

When asked about the challenges in the field, they both state that it is a bit tough to work in the sector because there are a lot of people in it. They add that they set themselves apart by creating music that people connect with on a deeper level. They plan to keep pushing their boundaries and making new experiences.